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  • Ox And Goat for the Nativity

    Ox And Goat for the Nativity

    Offering warmth and protection

    Ox and Goat were carved to complement the classic Nativity collection.

    Two new animals join the classic Nativity, surrounding the holy family with warmth and protection.

  • The Christmas Story

    The Christmas Story

    Her name is Mary. His name is Joseph. The baby, Jesus

    The Christmas Story is the largest-scale nativity created by Susan Lordi. The two figures are approx. 15″ tall, and are best displayed in the Sanctuary.

    The expressive gestures of Mary and Joseph reveal their humanity, and portray their overwhelming emotion of love and protection for their newborn child. The two-piece set of Mary holding baby Jesus, and Joseph is the centerpiece of The Christmas Story. The figures are nearly 15” tall, and painted with richly layered colors. The elegant movement of Mary’s and Joseph’s garments, and their protective gestures bring this composition to the highest levels of sculptural art.

    The pieces relate to each other when placed on the base of the Sanctuary. Mary is turned in toward Joseph, sheltered by his right arm. Joseph’s staff and cloak form a protective shield around his new family. Joseph’s left hand, positioned above the head of baby Jesus, shadows the curve of Mary’s wrist. This is a historically symbolic gesture of blessing and protection.

    “The Christmas Story is a story from the past… but the overwhelming emotions of holding a new baby, starting a new family, and wanting to protect them forevermore are present today in every culture and every age. My hope is that the gestures of Mary and Joseph will represent these powerful feelings of love and protection.”

  • Generations


    Making memories that last lifetimes

    “I learned to sew from my mother, and she learned from her mother and aunt. I wanted this piece to not only depict the process of learning, sharing and making, but also the creating of memories that are passed down with love through generations. I hope it resonates with anyone who has lovingly carried on any special tradition within her family.”

  • Thinking of You

    Thinking of You

    Keeping you close in my thoughts

  • Promise


    Hold dear the promise of love

    “I carved this piece so that it could be viewed ‘in the round’. You get a different understanding depending on how you turn the piece. If you view from the side where you can see the man and woman’s arms around each other, it looks like they’re kissing. If you turn it and view it from where you can see their faces and clasped hands, it looks like they’re dancing — and it’s a totally different piece. I like this duality of interpretation.”

  • Shepherd and Stable Animals for the Nativity

    Shepherd and Stable Animals for the Nativity

    Surrounding new life with love and warmth

    Susan Lordi carved this four-piece set to complement the scale of the classic six-piece Nativity.

  • Its a Girl- Variety Golf Set

    • High-Quality Playable Golf ball Gift
    • 1 Sleeve (Package) Includes a Set of 3 Golf Balls