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  • Angel Lovepop

  • Snowflake Lovepop

  • Santa Train Love Pop Card

  • “May The Gift Of Love Be Yours This Season” Dated 2017,

  • Girl Scout Daisies Care

  • Girl Scout Juniors Are Smart Cookies

  • Girl Scout Juniors are Smart Cookies

  • Rocking Musical (plays Jingle Bells)

  • Swansea 350th Commemorative Ornament

  • Tree Silhouette

  • Metal Star Backdrop

  • The Christmas Story Sanctuary

  • The Holy Family

    The Holy Family

    A child is born

    In response to requests for a small-scale nativity, Susan created this intimate rendering, measuring 7.5″ tall. This one-piece sculpture is ideal for those with limited display space, or who wish to display a nativity year-round.

  • We are Three

    We are Three

    It used to be just you and me, Now we are three – a family!

    “Bringing a new baby home redefines a couple. They see themselves now as parents—with their own family. We are Three represents the incredible feelings of belonging and love for this new little person…”

  • Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

    Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

    A shepherd’s gift… a joyous melody… proclaiming the news!

    “I love the idea of bringing music to the Nativity… and I wanted to portray an instrument that’s traditionally been used for that purpose.


    “My son is immersed in the preservation of indigenous music in the regions of Italy and Sicily, from where my grandparents immigrated. He’s re-introduced an authentic musical tradition to our family by learning about and playing thezampogna, the Italian bagpipe (pronounced zam-pone-ya).


    “The bagpipe is an ancient pastoral instrument played by shepherds and farmers for thousands of years, and is used in many cultures to celebrate the nativity. In present day Italy, the Zampognaro (shepherd with bagpipe) plays the Novena, the nine days leading up to Christmas… a celebration and announcement of the birth of Christ.


    “The music is festive and vibrant, accompanied by singing and dancing. It’s a time of reunion and company – heralding the arrival of the holidays. It’s the Italian version of caroling – people gather, singing songs passed down through the generations.


    “The zampogna is a humble shepherd’s instrument, yet it produces a rich texture of melody and rhythm. I like the thought of this joyful, symphonic music surrounding the nativity scene.”

  • Shelter for The Holy Family

    Shelter for The Holy Family

    This pierced-metal backdrop was created to complement The Holy Family, though it can be used as a beautiful backdrop for other angels or figures as well.

    “The repetitive swirling concentric mark-making is suggestive of twinkling stars at night. The roof is an intertwined, organic structure that suggests a bower of twigs or branches. Since the surface patterning is complex with tiny elements, I wanted to pare down the form to the simplest possible. It’s basically a single sheet of pierced metal, curved to allow it to stand and represent a shelter for The Holy Family and animals.”


  • Little Shepherdess

    Little Shepherdess

    Behold, a little love on earth

    “I view this angelic figure as an earthly personification of love. Her gaze and gesture is one of adoration. The smoky blue color of her dress grounds her, as do the two wooly lambs she tends. I wanted her to complement the taller shepherdess figure, Peace on Earth. Together, with the other shepherds and animals, they radiate warmth, love and peaceful attentiveness.”

  • Je t’aime (I love you)

    Je t’aime (I love you)

    In any language, it’s you I love

    “My daughter lives in France, so I’ve traveled there quite a bit in the last few years. I enjoy the art and architecture, the gorgeous countryside, learning the language… It’s truly a culture of romance. So in sculpting Je t’aime, a piece about love, I wanted it to have a little more style and mystique… a sophistication, an elegance… I made changes to the dress — extending sleeves and neckline. I love the challenge of starting with a solid, opaque, hard surface, and carving and carving until it looks like embellished lace. The extensive surface carving makes Je t’aime unique in the line. Although influenced by France, Je t’aime is a universal piece. The sentiment moves from the universal, to the personal one-on-one. ‘In any language, it’s you I love.'”