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  • You and Me

  • Beautiful Wishes

  • Sign for Love

  • Remembrance

  • Journey

  • Lots of Love

  • XoXo Picture Frame

    XoXo Picture Frame

  • ” You will forever be my always”- Sign

    ” You will forever be my always ” wooden sign.

  • Together Cake Topper

    Together Cake Topper

    True partners in love and life

    Willow Tree® Cake Toppers are a romantic and commemorative keepsake for weddings and anniversaries, or any celebratory event of enduring love. The bases of carved flowers provide stability as well as beauty. The resin and paint are cured and lead-free. All materials have been tested to ensure food safety.


  • Promise Cake Topper

    Promise Cake Topper

    Hold dear the promise of love

    The Promise figure, resculpted to 6”size and ideal for wedding cakes. The round base with carved roses provides extra stability on top of a cake. The resin used for all Willow Tree figures is cured and painted, and the paint is lead-free. The Cake Topper has been tested to ensure it is food safe. It is not dishwasher-proof, however, so Hand Wipe Only is printed on the under stamp.

  • Anniversary


    Love ever endures

    “I sculpted this piece using my parents as models. When I asked them to sit down and get comfortable, they just seemed to fit together so perfectly. It was such a self-directed pose, as though they’ve been doing it for years — and they have! They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2011. The carving on the back is a little added discovery …. ‘I love thee’. I like the sound of the word ‘thee’. It feels poetic and intimate to me.”


  • Through the years- Anniversary

    The happiest couples are those that find new things to love about each other with each passing year. Celebrate any anniversary, whether a first or 60th with this piece showing a couple still in step with one another. Bisque porcelain figurine. 5 1/2″ H.